Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Hello, world."

Hello! Welcome, all, to the Twin Bridges Nature Resort blogspot. We're currently under construction, with major renovations to our home and land; we're searching for our little niche out here in the great Midwest, creating our own little paradise in the middle of nowhere. We hope you'll join us on our adventures, participate with our experiments, celebrate our successes, and help us learn from our not-so-successful ventures.

First, I believe introductions are in order. I, your narrator, am a young mother and wife. My daughter is an eight-month old toddler. My husband coaches basketball at the nearby Junior High. My mother and father are the owners, operators, and basically the "men-behind-the-curtain" that make all the magic happen with Twin Bridges Nature Resort (TBNR or the Nature Resort). You can call us the Burnett Family.

Our family is a talented bunch with widely diverse interests, we embrace new experiences and thrive on variety. Over the coming week(s), I'll do a series of posts to help us get better acquainted, to let you in on our current projects, and the grand tour around our little Nature Resort.

See you all soon,
B. Burnett

Birds swarm the feeders all through the year. Here are finches in early fall.

Turkeys throw their weight around sometimes, but squirrels aren't afraid.

If you look in the upper left you'll see a turkey in the tree. They can fly, but not far.